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Appreciating YOUR Assets is about making the most of what you’ve got (to offer and share). Emphasized are Ideas, Insight, and Information for Increasing Income, Influence, and Impact.

Appreciating Your Assets is more than an attitude of gratitude; it’s focusing on increasing value.

Appreciating YOUR Assets begins with recognizing, refining, re-defining, and/or re-combining resources – to produce more desirable results and returns. It’s about making the most of what you’ve got. Please share YOUR ideas, insights, and information of value with others on this site. Click the link for a list of blog posts.

One way of appreciating your assets (and bringing out your best) begins with recognizing, acknowledging, rewarding, and encouraging the best in others. There are many ways to do this and I hope that after reading some of the posts in my blog YOU will share YOUR ideas and examples – both here and on my other sites (listed on the lower right side of this page). Click on the green links for info about appreciating MORE.

Please note that in addition to the tabs at the top of the page is also menu is at the bottom of the page – allowing you to return to this page and subscribe to my RSS blog feed. Also check out the Facebook feed.

An idea I had several years ago was simply to let others I saw know what I noticed and appreciated about them – by giving them a business-size card with a message. I had different messages printed on different colored cards to hand out for various situations. Click the link for examples of various appreciation cards.

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