8 Major Marketing Mistakes – What Makes People Say Yes

Marketing and sales has a lot of do with persuasion – NOT by the seller but by the buyer.

Getting someone to say “Yes” – to themselves and to any product, service, information, experience, or relationship offered (regardless of its price, cost, value, use, or need) tends to be strongly influenced by the perception and emotional reaction to how it is presented.
What’s in it for them?

What problem-solution or need/desire fulfillment is being offered/promised?

Desired results are usually more important than any features and/or benefits.

Many salespeople and marketers try to leverage Reciprocity and being a Consistently Liked Authority with Social proof offering something Scarce – yet many people don’t buy.


Probably because the prospective buyer(s) did NOT:

1. Perceive that buying would result in elevation of their social status in front of others.

2. Perceive that the product, offer, or provider is the best available choice – for them.

3. Perceive anything they “can’t afford to miss” – or have Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

4. Perceive any or enough presented as (potentially and personally) useful or enjoyable.

5. Perceive the promised process or result as believable – and/or possible for them.

6. Perceive the offer or opportunity as compelling, intriguing, and impossible to ignore.

7. Perceive the result as desirable (enough) regarding imagined future gains or losses.

9. Perceive being understood, valued, appreciated, cared about – or able to relate.

Even missing ONE of these factors might be what keeps people from saying “Yes” to you.

The more of these specific factors are addressed and included in the offer/presentation, the more people will more likely respond more positively (and probably more profitably).

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