A Question of Values?

Appreciation means to increase in value.

Value is often relative – mainly to situation, circumstance, and perception.

How much something (or someone) is worth is very subjective. How much compared to what?

Values, priorities, and anything else we believe (matters) may change.

An attitude of gratitude is good to have – but it is not the same as appreciation.

Gratitude seldom increases the perceived resale/market value of a house. Appreciation does.

Investment is what you put in. Return is what you get back/out.

An asset is anything that maintains, adds value, or provides a return on investment.

Appreciating assets often begins with recognizing, re-defining, and/or re-combining resources – in a manner which allows them to be utilized or perceived as having more value. Results and returns are realized in direct proportion to their perceived value.

Some things are better together (than they are alone, separately, apart).

Combination, collaboration, and cooperation often increase output potential and value far out of proportion to what is expected.

With synergy, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Appreciation is about recognizing, realizing, and making the most of what you’ve got – and thus increasing its value.

The perception of  scarcity is often used as the basis of assessing and assigning value. Supply and demand. The less there is, the more it is often wanted or perceived to be worth. But not always.

Consider this. There is more water than land on this planet. All the water that has ever existed is still here (in one form or another). Without water, there would be NO life. And yet, many people do not consider water to be as valuable as gold – which one could easily live without.

Scare-City is not a good place to come from or live in. Abundance is.

Scarcity is the belief that there is not enough.

Abundance is having more than enough. The fastest and easiest way to realize, achieve, and receive abundance is to redefine what is enough and what is needed (to provide it). Alternatives and options abound. They need only be recognized and (allowed to be) utilized. Several sources and multiple means of accomplishing the same result are more the rule than the exception.

Scarcity ceases to exist (or matter) as everything and everyone is recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated for the value (potentially) provided and shared.

There is enough for everybody – and there is room for you.

© 2009 – 2010, Oren Pardes. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “A Question of Values?

  1. Scare-city is brilliant! lol

    I love your perspective. Appreciation is certainly the key. You’ve framed it beautifully as an ACTION rather than strictly as a RESULT.

  2. The brilliance you see is NOT in Scare-city – but within (yourself and the “lighthouse” (of a-bun-dance) on the “edge”. The beacon of “enlightenment” serves to guide those (living) in Scare-city to a way out – and as an aid to help keep out all who do not desire and wish to avoid entering.and experiencing Scare-city. While there are “often benefits” from “contrast”, given a choice for what to “lack”, (living in) Scare-city.is seldom worth “missing” – or seeking. The brilliance and brightness of light and life need not be determined or defined by the contrast of its (perceived) absence. The existence of Scare-city is mainly imaginary. It is not our eyes that see, but our minds. The images we picture, the meaning we create, and how we interpret them within, are far more important than whatever we do or do not see, sense, or experience without. Life and growth are usually greatest at the edge. What we focus on, give our attention to, and appreciate tends to expand and increase – at least for us. Not all of us may choose to live in (or even near) a “lighthouse”, but all of us can benefit from those that (already) exist – if we allow the light we find (within and without) to guide us (toward or away – the edge of darkness). Life never really “revolves” around either darkness or light – but will “evolve” (differently) as a RESULT of or RESPONSE to either. Appreciation is the key to much – including (getting out of) Scare-city. But the key to what we may wish to attrACT is in how (and how much) we ACT.

    May both the value and love you found in my perspective continue to increase as you act on it (in your life, relationships, and investments). The “answer” to a Question of Values is always ACTION – because “Act I On” (only) what is important, meaningful, or “valuable” (enough) to me (to do so). An “ion” is never neutral; it always has a charge – be it positive or negative. The “charge” is not legal or financial but energetic – and usually kinetic. An “e-motion” is energy in motion – (rather than only potential (unexpressed, “unrealized” and “unfulfilled”). It is only in motion (and Act I On) that anything of “value” is :expressed”, “realized”, and “fulfilled”. An ion allows the flow of the “current”. Keep you “eye on” the current current. Appreciating the “present” (now) is the most valuable “gift” we can share – regardless of any other “currency” (others may care about). Your presence, appreciation, and comment is valued (and worth) far more (to me, others, and possibly yourself) than you may currently realize. Thank you for sharing your time, your attention, and your own perspective.

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