Grow or die?

“Grow or die” sometimes only results in obesity.

Expansion and contraction go better together – like breathing (in and out).

BOTH are needed – for life and (and despite what many believe, business) to continue.

Wanting it ALL, going BIG or going home, and SUPER-sizing may actually accelerate death.

The desire for wealth must be tempered with the one for health – and sustainability.

Health is related to being whole and complete. It is another way of saying having integrity. Peace comes from being whole and not just a piece – in need of “more” (to be complete and whole). Ideally, integrity is not only¬†inherent, but also impeccable.

One may have more than enough, but wanting more seldom results in having enough.

More is sometimes less. What we focus on tends to expand – except with money.

True wealth starts with health – and relationships (including the one we have with ourselves).

Money is not the same as wealth. Money is not an asset, especially in the form of fiat currency. Having money does not make one rich – and being rich is not the same as being wealthy. There is always a cost associated with using money. In many ways, “money has a hole in its own bucket.”

While wealth is certainly desirable, the desire for extreme wealth (especially in the form of money) is sometimes an unhealthy expression of greed and gluttony – that may actually undermine and detract from, rather than enhance, survival or quality of life (for the individual and everyone else).

Growth and development is often good. But endless growth and expansion is often like cancer – deadly.

Cancer can result from causes. One of the most common contributors to cancer is now believed to be unresolved emotions – like anger.

E-motions are a form of energy in motion. It is energy that, literally, moves us – toward or away from things.

Anger is actually an expression of past hurt, pain, or sadness – felt in the present. When projected into the future, anger, hurt, or sadness manifest as fear (and the anticipation of pain).

Pain is the result of resisting rather than accepting and allowing what is.

Fear of not having enough is often what drives the desire for more – and uncontrolled growth.

Scarcity is more a mindset than reality. True abundance begins with believing that there is more than enough – for all. The easiest way to ensure this is to appreciate and share what is there.

The healthiest and most desirable ambitions, emotions, and growth allow expansion without compromising integrity. Thinking BIG can be good – if it serves more than just oneself.

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