Say YES!

Say YES to no “weeds”, no waste, no wanting, and no more wars based upon (fear of) scarcity or greed! Say YES to redefining resources and appreciating your assets! Say YES to abundance!

A “weed” is a plant that is considered undesirable and to have no value. And yet, most “weeds” have much to offer – that would be desired if known. A weed by any other name might be a rose. Despite all efforts to rid ourselves of them, weeds also seem to be more resilient, adaptable, and able to survive than almost anything else (deliberately cultivated). Perhaps instead of trying to eliminate weeds, we might consider being more like them.

Abundance often begins with appreciating the value that everything has – and then finding the highest and best use for it. Defining anything as a “weed” is a form of waste.

Abundance would result simply from having no more “weeds” and no more waste.

Waste is what is not used. What is discarded and thrown away could contain or yield more value than what is retained – especially when combined with something else.

Trash is often treasure in disguise. Abundance results from “trash” being treasured instead of wasted. No waste might create no wanting.

To want is to lack. Wanting is not the same as needing – or desiring. People want what they do not have (whether they need it or not) when they feel a lack. People may still need or desire without being found wanting.

Abundance means having more than enough – and thus no sense of lack or wanting. Abundance begins with appreciation of what one already has. Coveting or craving what one does not have or keeping others from meeting their needs often leads to suffering and conflict. War is wanting.

War results from lacking peaceful agreement – usually about the distribution, control, and/or use of resources. Most wars are fought for economic reasons – with either greed or perceived scarcity being major motivators. Wars are never won. Only peace and prosperity can be won.

Safety and security for all is more likely the result of collaborating and cooperating than competing. Working together and sharing often creates more for all rather than less for any. Synergy is a shortcut to abundance.

Those who profit from war are afraid to share. They believe that in order for them to have more others must have less. They are wrong – except regarding power and control. Creating and perpetuating (the fear of) scarcity allows a few to deprive the rest of easily meeting their needs. There is more than enough for all!

All that is needed to abundance is to say YES to no “weeds”, no waste, no wanting, and no more wars based upon scarcity or greed!

Resistance leads to persistence – and pain. Rather than fight (wars) for or against anything or anyone, everyone could end up with more simply by redefining and reallocating resources to reflect the abundance of assets for all that already exists.

To feel fear is to be scared and afraid. It is now time to abandon Scare-City in favor of abundance (beginning with appreciating your assets). Your greatest asset is yourself!

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