Lift the VEIL of EVIL

Humans do many things for “money” that they would not do otherwise. This is often as, if not more, true for those who “have” (and fear “losing” or not having “enough”) money as those who don’t.

People also think, say, and do many things based upon fear that they would not do otherwise. Fear is the anticipation of pain. There are many kinds of fear – but ultimately, all is fear is the based upon the (false) belief in the present about the ability to deal with (real or imagined) pain in the future.

As a result of fear, more humans live in Scare City (and the State of Illusion) than ever before. It seems as if almost everyone (“rich” and “poor” alike) thinks they need “more” of something – and may never have “enough” (to meet their needs or desires). Even those for whom having more often makes NO difference often seem addicted to endlessly accumulate more – and withhold most of what they “have” from others.

Many people considered “rich” and/or “wealthy” often are NOT – because of their (fear-based) relationship to “money”. The opposite of fear is love – and yet the LOVE of MONEY has long been considered the ROOT of all EVIL. Evil is less the opposite or absence of good than it is an distortion of how to LIVE created by a VEIL (of non-supportive and non-sensible beliefs – about life and existence).

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Although (fiat) currency may circulate around the globe, money does NOT make the world go round. In fact, money has NO impact on the planet at all – other than how the concept of its perceived value and assumed necessity affects the thoughts and actions of many modern humans (who mistakenly believe that it is real).

Reality is merely a perspective. It may be shared or it may be uniquely individual and distinct. But NO reality is (or can be) complete or absolutely true. There is always something that is impossible to perceive, know, understand, or even imagine from any given time or place. Everyone has a (slightly or completely) different (relative and subjective) perspective, world view, and reality than everyone else.

Believe it or not, although there may be only ONE universe, there are many realities within it – each with it’s own rules. A belief is simply an idea to which someone is identified with and attached to.

Equality is a MYTH. It is popular simply because your believing in it often allows you to Make Yourself The Hero without actually having to be one. While everything in existence has more in common than not, nothing is (exactly) the same (or equal) as anything else. Everything is unique, special, sacred, and holy – and would be more appreciated (and increase in value) if accepted and understood as such.

The word universe refers to all there is. Uni-verse means one verse, one song, one vibration. Everything is energy and all is connected. While nothing (new) may be created or destroyed, everything is constantly changing (form and identity). Some change, transformation, and transcendence is predictable (and orderly); much is not – and tends to be perceived as chaos.

Human awareness seems to require contrast – and thus it often seems as if we live in a world of duality (of opposite extremes along a continuum). Yet, like the yin and yang symbol, everything is also relative, and not only connected but also at its very essence interdependent and inseparable.

While the possible combinations may be infinite and endless in variety, everything in existence has more in common and is more alike than different – since everything is essentially composed of the same rearranged and alternatively expressed energy.

Humans tend to value (most) what is (perceived as) rare, limited, and scarce. Our entire financial system is based upon inequality and scarcity. Trade and commerce could not exist if everyone simply gave, shared, or already had whatever they needed or wanted. (Artificial) demand is often created simply by lack of supply – so reducing, restricting, limiting, lessening, or diminishing the supply of anything available allows a few “properly positioned” people a lot of power, control, and exploitation of everyone else desiring access, use, and/or benefit from whatever the few have that others do not.

What many people seem not to understand is that what is most common, fundamental, basic, or elemental is also what is most important – for without it nothing else (more complex) could exist. There is no surplus of unnecessary and expendable ingredients. All are part of the puzzle – and needed to complete the picture.

The most precious “commodities” (for human survival) are also the most common, yet we often take them for granted – and give them little to no financial value. Money is used to “measure” almost everything – except for what actually matters, is priceless, and what we would not trade for (any amount of) money.

Money, Interest, and Debt

An “economy” is the allocation of scarce resources. The focus is almost entirely on production, distribution, and consumption – and yet worth is NOT determined by supply and demand, but by perception. This is just as true regarding what is or is not an asset or a liability. It often depends upon the context and one’s perspective. What may be considered “trash” to one persons may be “treasure” to another – with not actual gain or loss in cost or value.

Humans are not the only Earthlings, but the only ones that allow ideas (and issues) of money to influence and exert power over them. Plants, animals, and other life forms on this planet have no need or name for any currency expect the energetic life force that connects them with their source. The Earth – and everything on it, including humans – would be just fine without the concept, continued control money. All that is required for all life on the planet (including humans) to survive, thrive, and fulfill themselves is freely available – if we weren’t so concerned about hoarding it and using as much of it as possible in as short a time as possible. There is (still) more than enough to provide for the needy, but not nearly enough for to satisfy the greedy.

Lift the VEIL of EVIL; LIVE, Love, and e-VOLvE!

That’s my perspective. What’s YOURS?

© 2010 – 2012, Oren Pardes. All rights reserved.

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