An Epidemic of Ideas

Money, love, and happiness are NOT taught in school.

Each of us is a teacher (whether we realize it or not) – and it is our duty to teach and share what we know. That’s our “job”. It is also a “reason” we had to go through all sorts of things (first). I’ve written more than once that humans are story creatures and that we are creatures of habit (who tend to do the same things over and over again on a daily basis). Developing enough “escape velocity” to overcome “habit gravity” is often challenging – especially alone.

I’m not actually in the “transportation” business, but I would like to “move” people – and help get them from where they are to where they’d rather be.

Thoughts and ideas are like “mind viruses”. Few are ours alone. Many are “contagious”. I wouldn’t mind affecting/infecting enough others with a few of my better “memes” (a term which assumes ideas are a lot like genes). I’d like YOUR help in creating a NEW cultural “story” (with “better” values and perspectives on what is “really important”), to believe, share and act on – until a tipping point is reached and OUR little contribution catches on and makes a BIG difference.

I’m just as (if not more) inconsistent, easily distracted an influenced by others as anyone else, so hope that you will be receptive, forgiving and encouraging (if not actually actively assisting) my efforts/intent to try to change the direction and emphasis of the majority of people FROM fear, scarcity and alienation TO love and abundance, appreciation and acceptance, inclusion and cooperation, kindness, caring and compassion, wisdom, and understanding, etc…. Wanna help?

What do YOU think are the most important areas to focus on (first)? What kind of “story” would capture the hearts and imagination of others enough (like a song that keeps playing in their head or a movie they’d want to watch again and again) that they’d put themselves in it/actually live it?

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