8 Major Marketing Mistakes – What Makes People Say Yes

Marketing and sales has a lot of do with persuasion – NOT by the seller but by the buyer.

Getting someone to say “Yes” – to themselves and to any product, service, information, experience, or relationship offered (regardless of its price, cost, value, use, or need) tends to be strongly influenced by the perception and emotional reaction to how it is presented. Continue reading

Rabbits don’t hop

Rabbits don’t hop; they gallop – even to walk.

Most four-legged animals are capable of many different “gait” patterns (to get from place to place). The same is true for human locomotion – and many movements humans are capable of can sometimes look a bit loco (crazy) to others who may not see them for what they really are.

Rabbits and hares are similar but different and so are turtles and tortoises. But many people don’t seem to make distinctions nor even care.

Most people are familiar with a story about a race between a hare and a tortoise – in which the “slow and steady, one step at a time” (diagonal walking gait) tortoise reaches the finish line first.

Rather than going down any “rabbit hole”, not usually mentioned about a tortoise (walking) is the need and willingness to stick its neck out. Continue reading

Viva La Difference!

Women are equal to men? All men were created equal? Neither was ever so – nor need be.

Equality is a myth. Not even twins or clones are equal. Even your own body is not symmetrical and balanced. We are all unique and different (just like every else) – not necessarily in any or all ways better or worse nor more or less worthy or deserving but certainly none of us the same or equal. In every Socialist State, Secret Society, Animal Farm, or Family, some are always “more equal” than others. Continue reading