Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Spree?

Despite what many people claim, the United States is a very religious nation. It is what (and how) we “worship” that is disturbing. Don’t listen to what people say; watch how and where they spend their time and money – the two (measurable) “idols” that our society seems to value most.

Recession? Credit crunch?? Financial crisis??? Nonsense!!!*

Let us Pray…..

Armani, Who art in Nordstrom, Hallowed be thy shoes. Thy Prada come, Thy shopping done, On Rodeo, As it is in Paris, Give us this day, our Visa Gold, And forgive us our balances, As we forgive those who charge us interest, Lead us not into Penneys, And deliver us from Sears, For thine is the Chanel, Gaultier, Dior, Hermes, and the Versace, For Dolce and Gabbana… Amex

*“Nonsense” is a term for what cannot be detected by the five physical senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. It originally referred to religion and metaphysics. Ironically, many of the things we now worship are also “nonsense”: time, money, and even the mathematics we use to quantify and measure with….

Keep your “money”. Give me something of value!
A brand name by any other name is…probably just as lame.

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