A window may allow us to see

An item need not actually be broken to no longer be usable. Often this is by design.

Apoptosis is the biological term for programmed cell death. It serves a positive purpose. Without it, cancer results (in uncontrolled and often unending growth and development – that ultimately results in the death of the entire person rather than the replacement of individual cells). Continue reading

Less is sometimes more

Your neighbor may be a millionaire – without you even knowing it. Many millionaires, and even billionaires, live a far more frugal life than most people imagine. By paying more attention and less money, they are often able to keep, invest, and appreciate more of their money (than other people – who may even “earn” or start out with more than they do). Continue reading

Alternatives to Retail

Many products we buy are really social signals first – and material objects second. Our social-primate brains evolved to pursue one central goal: looking good in the eyes of others – especially those who might protect or mate with us. Buying impressive products in a money-based economy is just the most recent way to fulfill that goal. Continue reading

Time and Money

Time and money are often “measured” and “manipulated” but both are just “non-sense” ideas. Neither can be seen, heard, felt, smelt, tasted, or experienced in any other way with our physical senses – which is how we perceive and interact with the world outside of us. Ideas (and “memes”) may be “contagious” but mostly exist only within our minds and not outside of our imagination. Continue reading

Living with and without

According to U.S. News and World Report, the 10 things Americans can’t live without are: portable computers, high-speed internet access, smart phones, education, movies, television, music downloads, pets, alcoholic beverages, and coffee.

Are these the top 10 most important things in YOUR life (that you could “not” do without)? Continue reading

Don’t Cry (Wolf) Over Spilled Oil

Much of life in the United States runs on oil – and not just in your car’s gas tank. Right now a LOT of oil is floating around in the ocean – threatening to kill off a LOT of marine life and perhaps permanently ruin much of the United States’ southeastern coastline. The company “responsible” seems more concerned about escaping blame than fixing the problem and the U.S. Government doesn’t seem willing or able to step in and do what is needed – including accepting help from anyone else. Continue reading