Less is sometimes more

Your neighbor may be a millionaire – without you even knowing it. Many millionaires, and even billionaires, live a far more frugal life than most people imagine. By paying more attention and less money, they are often able to keep, invest, and appreciate more of their money (than other people – who may even “earn” or start out with more than they do). Continue reading

Fractions are not your friend

There have been quite a few exceptionally tragic “natural” disasters lately – mostly affecting some of the poorest areas of the world. The probability of “ongoing” occurrences of dramatic destruction and resulting “reduction” of the affected local human population in the near future is something to consider – as is the possibility that human influence on what happens on this planet may at the same time be at least fraction more and less than many people might suspect. Humans are certainly capable of causing all sort of upheaval – especially economically. Continue reading

Say YES!

Say YES to no “weeds”, no waste, no wanting, and no more wars based upon (fear of) scarcity or greed! Say YES to redefining resources and appreciating your assets! Say YES to abundance!

A “weed” is a plant that is considered undesirable and to have no value. And yet, most “weeds” have much to offer – that would be desired if known. A weed by any other name might be a rose. Despite all efforts to rid ourselves of them, weeds also seem to be more resilient, adaptable, and able to survive than almost anything else (deliberately cultivated). Perhaps instead of trying to eliminate weeds, we might consider being more like them.

Abundance often begins with appreciating the value that everything has – and then finding the highest and best use for it. Defining anything as a “weed” is a form of waste. Continue reading

Trash or Treasure?


One man’s trash is often another man’s treasure.”

Waste is what is left over, seldom used, and usually discarded (rather than retained and re-purposed). What is wasted is lost.

In nature there is zero waste. Everything is used for something. Everything has a use and a purpose. Everything has value. Anything not used as food or raw material for something else is converted to and used as energy. Actually, everything that exists is energy.

Energy can not be created or destroyed – but it can and often does change form. Continue reading