8 Major Marketing Mistakes – What Makes People Say Yes

Marketing and sales has a lot of do with persuasion – NOT by the seller but by the buyer.

Getting someone to say “Yes” – to themselves and to any product, service, information, experience, or relationship offered (regardless of its price, cost, value, use, or need) tends to be strongly influenced by the perception and emotional reaction to how it is presented. Continue reading

A window may allow us to see

An item need not actually be broken to no longer be usable. Often this is by design.

Apoptosis is the biological term for programmed cell death. It serves a positive purpose. Without it, cancer results (in uncontrolled and often unending growth and development – that ultimately results in the death of the entire person rather than the replacement of individual cells). Continue reading

Facebook is now “Friends” with Internet Marketers

Facebook has displaced Google as the medium of choice for (targeted traffic) internet marketing. This may be “good” or “bad” depending upon who you are and what you want. The average Facebook user will likely see many more ads – but at least most of them will be semi-relevant to their (posted) status and interests. Continue reading

Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed


The internet is now a major medium of exchange – where marketers are adept at offering things with perceived value in exchange for as much money as you will give them. The most common offer starts out as “free” – and yet can result in a lot of money changing ownership.

Most internet markers follow a well-established sequence of upsell and downsell offers. Knowing this structure is a way for them to get more money out of you. It can also be a way for you to get more out of them while hanging onto more of your money. Continue reading