Money Matters

Forbes claims the “richest” person in the world is in Mexico. Their list of “billionaires” is based upon individual (financial) “net worth” (measured in Federal Reserve Note Dollars) – rather than any of the many other factors that constitute and contribute to being “rich” and/or “wealthy”. Also not mentioned were resources, assets, and activities which are controlled or influenced (even if not “owned”) by families, groups, rather than by individuals. The Rothschild Family alone is said to control trillions – and yet none of them appear on Forbes list. Continue reading

Interested in interest?

What you actually pay (or receive) in interest is seldom what you think. Calculating interest payments would be lot less complicated if people used “simple interest” (which would just be a straight percentage) – but almost NOBODY does. Compounded, annual percentage rates (APR), and amortized values are usually quite different from what most people believe they are agreeing to. Continue reading

Fractions are not your friend

There have been quite a few exceptionally tragic “natural” disasters lately – mostly affecting some of the poorest areas of the world. The probability of “ongoing” occurrences of dramatic destruction and resulting “reduction” of the affected local human population in the near future is something to consider – as is the possibility that human influence on what happens on this planet may at the same time be at least fraction more and less than many people might suspect. Humans are certainly capable of causing all sort of upheaval – especially economically. Continue reading

Hi Ho Silver, Away!


You don’t have to be The Lone Ranger, wear a mask, or even ride a horse, to appreciate the value of SILVER. Silver has been used and valued around the world for thousands of years – and is becoming increasingly “dear”. “Rein” in whatever you can get hold of – before the price of silver starts to run away.

If SILVER is your “horse”, you should ride, ride, ride. Continue reading

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

The tallest structure in the world is (Burj Khalifa) in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). It was paid for in SILVER. Dubai is one of a growing number of countries that do not accept the Federal Reserve Notes (called “Dollars” by Americans) that have been the “reserve currency” of the world since 1944. Continue reading

I.O.U.S.A., Inc.


On each side of WATER are BANKS – which contain and control the flow, or CURRENT. What most people think of MONEY is actually (fiat) CURRENCY flowing from and controlled by (“financial”) CENTRAL BANKS. Unlike MONEY, neither CURRENT paper nor digital CURRENCY has ANY inherent VALUE – or “redeemable” backing by anything that does. Federal Reserve NOTES are NOT MONEY. They are instruments of DEBT. Continue reading

What Is Money?


The most basic definition of MONEY is whatever COMMODITY (be it a product, service, or information) that is perceived to have the most EXCHANGE VALUE for what we desire. Getting what we desire often requires trading, bartering, or otherwise exchanging something for something else (be it our time, attention, knowledge, labor, possessions, connections, future possibilities, or even lives). Continue reading

Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed


The internet is now a major medium of exchange – where marketers are adept at offering things with perceived value in exchange for as much money as you will give them. The most common offer starts out as “free” – and yet can result in a lot of money changing ownership.

Most internet markers follow a well-established sequence of upsell and downsell offers. Knowing this structure is a way for them to get more money out of you. It can also be a way for you to get more out of them while hanging onto more of your money. Continue reading