Facebook is now “Friends” with Internet Marketers

Facebook has displaced Google as the medium of choice for (targeted traffic) internet marketing. This may be “good” or “bad” depending upon who you are and what you want. The average Facebook user will likely see many more ads – but at least most of them will be semi-relevant to their (posted) status and interests.

The FCC is a little less friendly to marketers and now requires testimonials and endorsements to include clear statements regarding their relationship and interest in recommendation (so people know if they are getting paid/compensated or not for what they say or how others react as a result). Again, this may be “good” or “bad” depending on who you are – but it is very important to be aware of (especially for people who may not realize that even well intended support for someone or something could potentially be breaking the law if not done carefully.

Credit cards and other financial loan agreement details are supposed to be stated in clearly language and printed larger and more prominently. While this may seem like a big change, don’t expect terms or anything else about transactions to be any more favorable than before. In fact, they are likely to be less so (especially in advance of required compliance “deadlines”) – in compensation. Leveraging other people’s money is one thing, but relying on credit or a loan is seldom a wise, safe, or reliable “lifeline”.

In addition to his televised beating by police, Rodney King gained fame for his refrain of “can’t we just be friends?” Ironically, the band War asked the same thing in their song “Why can’t we be friends?”

Social media are very popular these days – and it seems like everyone wants to be “friends” – or have you as a “fan”. Most people do not seem to follow-up or interact much with their (new) “friends” – even as potential customers, clients, or joint venture partners. I would welcome interacting with YOU. Please leave a comment, questions, or request below.

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