Free Formulas – For You (while supplies last)

There is probably a “formula” for just about everything. Like finding a “silver bullet”, many people seem to seek a “secret” or “magic” formula – for something. Formula 1 refers to car racing. Formula 44 is for hair. Below is a common sales formula you may recognize (and possibly even use yourself):

1. State the problem
2. Agitate the problem
3. Discredit all other options
4. Provide YOUR solution

This is what most television infomercials do – and is becoming a “staple” on teleseminars and webinars. Being aware of what’s being presented how is like having a “staple remover” – and reducing the influence and urgency marketing messages may have on you (so you can evaluate them more objectively).

To create (high) perceived value, each component of an “irresistible offer” is reviewed (in detail). It is quite common for many components to be “stacked” upon one another to create a HUGE “bundle” of desirable products that are highly “valued” – at whatever price-point the seller thinks they can get (away with). A HUGE discount is then usually offered (for those that act NOW) in contrast with the “normal” price. But wait, there’s more! Bonuses “worth” even more than the original offer itself are often included (for “free”) – but only for a limited time, for a limited number of people, while supplies last. Scarcity seldom is (real). Not being given an actual time or date can make implied scarcity seem even more urgent to act upon. A multi-month installment plan offer may or may not ever openly state the total cost to be paid. You’ll have to do the math yourself. Be sure to include the possibility of some kind of tax. A one-time shipping (and often handling) charge is often added on top of the stated offer – of what they will “give” you and what you will “get” as a result of acting (fast) – on any “special”, “exclusive” offer.

I often find an extended and prolonged “buildup” (of tension and supposed “value”) is often a turn off. The more talk or text I have to “endure” to get to the end of an offer, the LESS, rather than more, interest I often keep. There is a “belief” that MORE (and longer) is “better” – and that those who will (eventually) buy are not only willing, but actually want, as much “information” as possible. For potential customers like me, a shorter, simpler formula often works better:

1. Who the seller is
2. What they have
3. Why I might care
4. How I can get it

Each of these components have formulas of their own to make them work. The more I think about it, the more aware I am of the many (different) formulas, models, templates, and other scripts I am exposed to on a regular basis. Want to know more – about a specific formula or find out about options proven to work for specific situations? Post a comment or send me a note. I’m happy to share what I have learned. Please don’t “make” me resort to using formulas just to get a response.

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