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On each side of WATER are BANKS – which contain and control the flow, or CURRENT. What most people think of MONEY is actually (fiat) CURRENCY flowing from and controlled by (“financial”) CENTRAL BANKS. Unlike MONEY, neither CURRENT paper nor digital CURRENCY has ANY inherent VALUE – or “redeemable” backing by anything that does. Federal Reserve NOTES are NOT MONEY. They are instruments of DEBT. On each NOTE is printed that it is “legal tender for all debts, public and private”. The use of NOTES is a result of the “monetization” of NATIONAL DEBT by a PRIVATELY-OWNED central BANK to discharge the BANKRUPTCY of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (by treaty signed in Geneva, Switzerland). What most “citizens” and “residents” think of as a “country” is actually a CORPORATION (in default).

Those of us who live on LAND usually refer to the planet we live on as EARTH – even though the majority of the surface of the globe is covered with WATER. Some people believe that at one time or another all land was either under or below the water line – and assert that Admiralty/Maritime Law (of the WATER – and Commerce) has precedence over and Law of the LAND. We may live on LAND, but our bodies are mostly water – and Uniform Commercial Codes of Admiralty/Maritime Law are used by BANKS to control almost every aspect of our lives – beginning at birth.

We have lost our footing – not to mention grounding in reality!

FOOTPRINTS of babies (coming out of their mother’s WATER) are taken before they have a chance to step on LAND – reinforcing which laws will govern their lives from then on. Certificates of BIRTH “inform” and declare the new “assets” (and future “human resources”) belonging to the MOTHER CORPORATION. Identification is created using CAPITAL LETTERS (often with the SURNAME first) to designate the (fictional) corporate commercial entity that is responsible and liable for repayment of financial debts incurred by others before even being born. Hospitals are paid around $3,000 dollars for each certificate sent in. Why? Because a million dollar lien is levied against each PERSON registered as a CITIZEN of the MOTHER CORPORATION. The certificates are then traded as SECURITIES on the New York Stock Exchange! How much are YOU worth (as a stock)? Who OWNS you? Do some research. Look it up! You might be surprised (and upset)!

“Social Security” numbers are used to track and tax all known labor and “income”. “Income” actually refers to corporate/capital “gains” rather than “wages” – but businesses tend to be better at reducing taxes collected than individuals. While there is NO law that requires paying income taxes, not doing so “voluntarily” risks being severely punished. Taxes do not have to be “legal” to be enforced. Besides, under the Uniform Commercial Code of Admiralty/Maritime Law – which is applied to EVERYTHING having to do with money, most rights and laws you can think of do NOT apply.

Former U.S. President and CEO G.W. Bush upset a lot of people when he said that the Constitution was “just a piece of paper” – but in most respects he was correct. Unlike our original “unalienable” rights, our CURRENT “inalienable” rights are “in-a-LIEN-able” condition.

Attorneys are AT-law rather than IN-it. They “re-present” (fictitious) “persons”, because (living) “people” who are “present” at a legal “venue” do not have to “consent” to the jurisdiction or “understanding” (which means standing under and accepting) “charges” which would not result in the “re-venue” desired to be extracted – since ALL appearances in COURT are financial in nature, with the judge acting as the collection agent for the (English) Crown. The American Revolutionaries may have won the battle, but they did NOT win the war! The Treaty signed in Paris essentially made the “independent” country a vassal state – obliged to pay tribute in gold, silver, and copper.

The title of “Esquire” is a title of British nobility. Lawyers and judges are members of the BAR – sworn to uphold and work within the existing (Commercial/Maritime) “Law”. The BAR (which may or may not be the British Attorney Registry) refers to the symbolic crossing of a physical barrier (from Common Law of the Land) and boarding a fictional ship – with the judge as captain (with authority to make, interpret, and enforce Commercial/Admiralty/Maritime Laws as s/he sees fit “for the good of the ship” – just as Corporate President and CEO B.H. Obama can do under an “emergency” (of any kind) declared by Executive Order – which he recently did regarding “H1N1 Influenza”. How that will play out is yet to be seen – but one thing is certain. A LOT of money is involved!

In addition to the vaccine hype, “Homeland Security” and the “Border Patrol” now have many internal “immigration” checkpoints far from any border – the main purpose of which currently seems to get people used to being stopped, temporarily detained, questioned, and possibly searched (as we are at airports by the TSA and by private security personnel at many private events open to the public). Few people seem to know or assert their rights and most acquiesce to those with badges and guns demanding proof of identity and explanations about their activities. Verifying “citizenship” and “residence” are ways of conditioning people to submit and comply. The few people who stand their GROUND and do not allow themselves to be bullied are usually released/waived through as soon as the line behind them gets longer than those in uniform are comfortable with. They seem very wary of a crowd of people – who may hear and imitate the few who do not consent to being (unlawfully) detained/seized and questioned without even probable cause. LEARN!

Of the TEN steps taken by ALL fascist/totalitarian/dictatorship regimes in history, the United States already has NINE in effect!

Just want to “mind our own business”?

There are “licenses” to drive (rather than “travel”) and just about everything else you can think of) because from birth we are legally considered and treated as if everything we do is a commercial, government regulated and taxable activity. There are even limits to what and how much we can freely GIVE anyone. Barter, trade, and exchange of any kind is considered taxable – based upon values that have nothing to do with the “market” or the actual “transaction”.

Some people were surprised when U.S. President and CEO B.H. Obama made a remark about his having visited 57 (U.S.) States –and having one more to go. Most “Americans” don’t seem to realize that the United States has territories and possessions (including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands) that are legally regarded as “States” even if they do not have a star on the (corporate) flag. Actually, each is a separate (subsidiary) corporation. [I’m not sure, but the State of Israel may also be one of the States, the President was thinking of. Bet you probably hadn’t considered that!]

The IRS and all the other 3 letter alphabet soup agencies you can think of are, like the United States itself, CORPORATIONS – that exist mainly to extract money from the people and send it (as tribute) to the Queen of England (and the Pope) – with the Rothschild Family and an extensive network of “secret societies” getting control over most of it – as well as us (because the $500+ trillion dollars they already have isn’t “enough”).

Look up the U.S. “national” debt. What’s less important than how large it is, how fast it is increasing, and that it can NEVER be repaid, is YOUR “share” owed – that you were NOT informed about and did NOT (willingly) consent to paying. How do you feel about this?

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