Increasing Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation is not about adding more pieces – but connecting, uniting, and integrating until something new emerges (and functions better).

A few ways to start thinking more creatively include:

    * defining the purpose and intent
    * masterminding and brainstorming
    * using both divergent and convergent thinking
    * asking both open (fishing) and closed (shooting) questions
    * using provocation, extraction, and random entry
    * exploring and organizing possibilities and alternatives
    * considering what believed to wrong, false, or impossible
    * speculating and asking what if
    * using parallel lateral thinking – and experimentation
    * changing criteria or value selection (hierarchy)
    * looking from multiple perspectives
    * systematically switch (all 6) thinking hats
    * gathering additional information
    * allowing emotional and intuitive responses
    * looking for patterns and relationships
    * looking for similarity and difference (compare and contrast)
    * zooming in and zooming out (increasing or decreasing scope)
    * categorizing and uncategorizing (generalities and exceptions)
    * considering cause and effect, requirements and results
    * inverting (turning things inside out) or reversing
    * developing analogies
    * extrapolating and transferring concepts and principles
    * building upon and extending
    * oversimplifying
    * differentiating and integrating aspects and options

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