Is It Fair?

There is a lot of talk about what is “fair” today. Well, what is “fair”?

County Fair vs. Country Fare and State Fair vs. Stated Fare

A fare is a fee – like the one many who want others to be “fair” want to “benefit” from for “free”.
A fair is a gathering – to parade, display, or trade animals, produce, or other goods (and entertainment).

When people talk about FAIR, do they really mean Forced Automatic Income Redistribution? Is that FAIR?

Is it fair?

Is it fair…for people to lie?
Is it fair…for people to ignore or discount “facts” and “reality” – and base their beliefs, arguments, and demands upon (demonstrably) “false” (or “irrelevant”) criteria?

Is it fair…that we are not all the “same” – except in us each being different in various ways?
Is it fair…that everything and everyone is not “equal” (at all times and in every way – or even “on average”)?

Is it fair…that quantity, quality, supply, demand, competition, and prices fluctuate – and that what people pay often differs (both from others and in different places and at different times)?
Is it fair…that some people pay or receive more or less – regardless of timing, what’s available, or their ability to pay, accept, or even use whatever is being compared?

Is it fair…that passengers sitting side by side on the same airplane paid different amounts for their seats?
Is it fair…that prices for identical rooms at a hotel differ? Or that more is charged for only 1 person than for 2?

Is it fair…that those who pay earlier or who purchase larger quantities or agree to order and pay for longer periods of time or buy what is not in high demand often pay less than those who don’t?

Is it fair…that a 15-18% gratuity is now often expected and sometimes even added to restaurant charges – regardless of the quality of service provided?
Is it fair…that when a gratuity is given to a specific individual that it often has to be shared with others who did not “earn” it (in a pool)?

Is it fair…for employees of service industries to often be taxed on presumed gratuity earnings they may not have actually received?
Is it fair…for any level of government to tax people on their actaual or assumed earnings and/or assets?

Is it fair…for a government to consider taxes as “revenue” to (mis)spent at their discretion rather than held “in trust” for the “benefit” of those who pay ?
Is it fair…for taxes on “income” to be “progressive” rather than a “flat” tax (where all pay the same percentage)?

Is it fair…for tax rates to be a disincentive to success – with more taken away as more is achieved and received?

Is it fair…to compare those who “earn” $250,000 with those who “earn” multiple billions?
Is it fair…that “income” on wages, commissions, gratuities, interest, dividends, investment “capital gains”, gifts, and inheritances NOT be taxed differently – as are taxes and surcharges on purchases?

Is it fair…for purchases to be taxed upon fictitious imputed (suggested retail or imaginary market) “value” rather actual amounts paid?
Is it fair…for some industries and products to be “subsidized” and not reflect true cost pricing, market demand, or ability of others to offer alternatives?

Is it “fair”? Is it even “true”? So what? Who cares? What does that mean? How does it affect you?

Most Americans, regardless of how much or how little they actually earn or have, seem to consider themselves as “Middle Class”. Far more than realize it are NOT. Those who advocate, endorse, or participate in any form of (economic or social) “class warfare” show a lack of “class”, let alone caring for or concern for the consequences of dividing and putting people against one another – especially based upon false premises.

Is it fair…that 49% of American voters do not end up being taxed on their income yet seem to feel that those who earn more than them should pay more?
Is it fair…for people calling for others to do or pay their “fair share” to not (want to) “share” (or allow the government to “redistribute”) their OWN earnings and assets (first)?

Over a half-century ago, Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and others pointed out the many flaws and dangers of collectivism and government-mandated (self-sacrificing) “altruism” – that punished people for the privilege of producing (value) for others’ taking without those others ever making (any contributions of their own). Government regulations and rhetoric today seem right out of the novels Atlas Shrugged, 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World.

The Buffett Rule – Obama wants to rule?

If Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, or YOU argue that more “should” be paid, then please go ahead and do so – instead of calling for anyone else to do so (first). Put up or shut up!

Warren Buffett and Mitt Romney both pay far more in total (income) taxes than the capital gains rate on their investment income being quoted in the mainstream news media. Not counted is what was paid on the money before it was invested.

Warren Buffett’s “secretary” also does not pay either more or a higher rate than he does based upon what Warren claims to pays her – unless her husband is earning significantly more and they file jointly. Warren claims to only pay 17.4% of his earnings in taxes. Where this number came from is unknown, as it does not match IRS records. Neither does his secretary paying 35.8% of the $60,000 salary Warren claims to pay her – even including payroll taxes and the possibility of her husband earning over $5000,000 – especially since the highest rate is only 35% and applies only to amounts over $388,000.

What happened to Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting – free from bias, dishonesty, and injustice?

Isn’t everything just FINE – and Yankee Doodle Dandy?

Fine vs Fine
FINE = Feelings In Need of Expression?
FINE = Financial Incentives Not Exploited?

TAX = Take All X?

We are taxed on our income, purchases, activities, ownership, usage, and any remaining assets upon death.
Taxes are tiring – and would be best “retired” (and not with radial reinforced rubber).
Taxes detract and deplete – rather than encourage individuals, organizations, and society as a whole to act and complete, and to cooperate and not compete.

A tax (by a government or other criminal organization) is a fee, fine, or other payment forcibly imposed, extorted, and extracted under the threat of penalty of (personal) harm for failure to pay.

A tax is not a tithe. A tithe is a tenth (of gross) “income”. Taxes are usually on “net” or “value” (whether right or not) and affect what is “left” and “kept”. Unlike a tithe, taxes on “income and earnings” are usually “progressive”: the more you have the more is taken away – until you get enough that you can arrange for none to be taken (as is often true for those who don’t have enough to take).

Taxes and Texas
State taxes in California are usually the highest in the nation. Those in Texas are much lower – and the business environment is apparently much more welcoming. Many Californian residents and businesses are moving to Texas. So are many from Mexico. Since those who cross the border illegally usually don’t pay most taxes, they also come to California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Illegal aliens need not be extraterrestrial life forms from somewhere in space – just foreigners who broke laws about entering, living in, and accepting services from another country without documented permission. Arrest records and prison populations are an indication that many entering the country illegally continue to break more laws after arriving.

Is it fair…for those who are not even “officially” here (and who refuse to learn, respect, and adopt the language and customs of the land they are in) to demand equal “rights”, education, and medical care – without any of the obligations of those in the country legally?

Is it fair… for those in favor of immigration “amnesty” or “sanctuary” to refuse to personally house, feed, educate, and provide medical services for a (non-English speaking) family living in the country illegally?

Are (“progressive”) “liberals” (regardless of political party identification or affiliation) advocating an essentially utopian socialist ideology somehow “exempt” from both telling the truth and being held accountable for not doing so, let alone allocating and redistributing their own assets and resources?

Are their intentions sincere – or are they greedy, self-centered, delusional, out of integrity, lying, hypocrites?

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2 thoughts on “Is It Fair?

  1. Is it FAIR that Romney can be a zillionaire while hardworking people are starving?( a billionaire paying more and higher taxes still leaves them billionaires. Do you believe that he works thousands of times harder than the acerage person?) Is it FAIR that the wealthy can exploit, destroy, and pilfer the environment against the well being of the common good? Simple balance and fairness says there is enough for everyones need, not for everyones greed. And Texas being a better working environment than California? If workers wish to be exploited with low wages and dangerous working environment then you have a point.

  2. Wanting those who have the most to have less won’t help feed those who have the least. People seldom get proportionally compensated for how HARD they work. Those who earn the most often work far less than those working very hard for very little reward. The wealthy are also not the only ones who damage the environment. In fact, they are often the ones who desire to preserve and protect it most – even if only for their personal private enjoyment and use. It is often the poorest people, who resort to exceeding what can be sustained, replenished, or repaired. It’s less just greed than scarcity thinking that is responsible for both rich and poor acting believing there is only a finite amount of resources and not enough to go around. Life is not a zero sum game. It is not necessary for anyone to lose or have less for everyone to win and have more. The solution has less to do with (re)distribution than redefinition – of both needs and what can satisfy them how. More of what is already considered as needed can be shared when it is not considered something simply to be consumed (once). And as new resources and used are discovered, created, and considered useful and valuable, even the accumulation of some things by a few will matter less as there will be other things available to others that are as good or better.

    The main attraction for Californians and industries moving to Texas is probably lower taxes and less government interference in their business and personal lives. California has an abundance of people in the state illegally willing to work for very low wages and far unsafer conditions than those in Texas. California also has a higher cost of living, a higher rate of unemployment, and a state government with much higher debt and more difficulty paying for social services than Texas. Most of those moving from California would probably have stayed if things were better. Regardless of conditions elsewhere, few seem to come back.

    The concept of anything needing to be “fair” is a major contributor to them not being so. Better would be to focus on how everyone could have “more” of what they need – without it mattering that some have more than others – as long as all are ABLE to get “more” of what they need. This does not mean just giving to anyone because they lack something. To do so tends to result in both dependency and always lacking what is needed. What is far more helpful is opportunities, assistance, and encouragement in being able to provide for oneself – without expecting anyone else to.

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