Rabbits don’t hop

Rabbits don’t hop; they gallop – even to walk.

Most four-legged animals are capable of many different “gait” patterns (to get from place to place). The same is true for human locomotion – and many movements humans are capable of can sometimes look a bit loco (crazy) to others who may not see them for what they really are.

Rabbits and hares are similar but different and so are turtles and tortoises. But many people don’t seem to make distinctions nor even care.

Most people are familiar with a story about a race between a hare and a tortoise – in which the “slow and steady, one step at a time” (diagonal walking gait) tortoise reaches the finish line first.

Rather than going down any “rabbit hole”, not usually mentioned about a tortoise (walking) is the need and willingness to stick its neck out.

No matter how far we may reach or think is as far as we can get, we can usually reach a little or maybe even a lot farther. A tortoise will not transform into a (pace walking gait) giraffe (an animal with a huge heart), but it does offer us an example to emulate/imitate when desiring reaching any destination or achieving any kind of success: with willingness to be vulnerable – and to keep going, no matter how slow, long, or far it may seem.

Time is never ever really “wasted”. The time it takes is the time that was needed at that time regardless of the time requires by anyone else or even by the same individual another time.

Individuals, groups, countries, cultures, and all we are aware of “evolve” and “emerge” at their own rate(s) – along different lines to different levels or stages regardless of anyone’s ages.

How early or late anyone learned to walk, talk, wipe their own butt, or anything else seldom really matters later – nor does mastery of any skill, nor any achievement or contribution.

Rabbits are regarded as one of the luckiest animals in Asian astrology – even though they are so often eaten by so many other animals.

There are no turtles on the Asian calendar, but in some cultures, the entire world we live in is said to rest on the back of a turtle – resting on the back of another turtle doing the same with turtles “all the way down” (the “rabbit hole”?).

So, take time to rest if and when needed, but then continue on YOUR path, remembering to enjoy your journey along the way, without any need to rush to reach your desired destination. You will get there at the “right” time – for YOU.

Just don’t be like an arrogant hare (or little rabbit foo foo) in thinking faster is “better” or that YOU are “better” than anyone else – in the end. DO be like the Energizer Bunny and keep going (and going and going) with turtles all the way down…

U.S. Navy SEALS say that “slow is smooth; smooth is fast”. Focus on being conscious, deliberate, “efficient”, and “effective” in all you do – and help others to do the same.

“Competition” can be helpful in bringing out or developing “competence” and “confidence”, but what matters most is “consciousness”.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together with others.”

Cooperation and collaboration can usually achieve, create, and produce and sustain/maintain more than anyone alone – so even during “competition”, try to create win-win-win collaboration where synergy results in more and better than could be otherwise. Rabbits are really good at being able to reproduce. So, increase your numbers, your results, your income, your influence, and your impact, and share with others (this post).

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