See Something, Say Something

See Something, Say Something? Better yet, See Something Good, Say Something Good. What we see has a lot to do with what we look for. Look for the good in others. The idea is to catch people – at their best, doing good, right, or well – and letting them know (every chance you get). Appreciating Your Assets starts with knowing what they are. Sometimes it helps to have others tell us – what they perceive (that we may not know – or would benefit from having confirmed even if we do).

Appreciating Your Assets is a major part of Bringing Out Your Best. What we think and say about others says a lot about us – and affects how others think about and relate to us. Seeing and Saying Something Good is a way to bring out the best in both yourself and whoever you are sharing with.

    Where attention goes, energy flows – and results show.

Rather than focus on what could use improvement, emphasize what you like, appreciate (in yourself, others, and life), and want more of. Let people know their strengths –and help them better appreciate and increase their value. If there is something you can suggest that might help bring out their best, let them know. Just be sure to focus on what they could do more of rather than less of. The idea is to find and communicate what someone is doing well and use that as the base to build on to do more (better). If there is something you notice that someone is not doing (at all or “enough” of) that might support or enhance something about them and what they , be sure to first mention what you see that is good and only then what more of might improve.

Each time you see someone, look to see what makes him or her special. What is his or her unique gift? How is he or she powerful? What is his or her greatest asset? What does he or she do well or best – that you most admire or appreciate? Given an opportunity, tell them. See something Good? Say something Good!

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