Fractions are not your friend

There have been quite a few exceptionally tragic “natural” disasters lately – mostly affecting some of the poorest areas of the world. The probability of “ongoing” occurrences of dramatic destruction and resulting “reduction” of the affected local human population in the near future is something to consider – as is the possibility that human influence on what happens on this planet may at the same time be at least fraction more and less than many people might suspect. Humans are certainly capable of causing all sort of upheaval – especially economically. Continue reading

Hi Ho Silver, Away!


You don’t have to be The Lone Ranger, wear a mask, or even ride a horse, to appreciate the value of SILVER. Silver has been used and valued around the world for thousands of years – and is becoming increasingly “dear”. “Rein” in whatever you can get hold of – before the price of silver starts to run away.

If SILVER is your “horse”, you should ride, ride, ride. Continue reading

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

The tallest structure in the world is (Burj Khalifa) in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). It was paid for in SILVER. Dubai is one of a growing number of countries that do not accept the Federal Reserve Notes (called “Dollars” by Americans) that have been the “reserve currency” of the world since 1944. Continue reading