The Practice of Planning

Practice does not make perfect. Practice can, however, make many things “permanent”. It is often less important how long, or how often, something is practiced than just how, since HOW is WHAT is being reinforced (in practice as a habit). Mental rehearsal is often as, if not more, important than physical practice.

Before practicing, it’s wise to have a plan – and/or at least a clear objective. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

When planning, keep in mind that imperfect action is almost always better than a perfect plan (that is never implemented) and that action is often the most important part of Attraction – and what gives desires the most traction.

What, when, and how you plan can make a big difference in your results, but not nearly as much as what you actually do – especially on a regular basis.

As you plan, be sure to clarify:

    What’s your objective (or desired outcome)?
    What resources do you have (access to)?
    What resources do you need (use of))?
    What challenges or obstacles might come up (and how will you handle them if/when they do)?
    What’s your (giving and receiving) feedback system?
    Are you communicating (your objective and plans) clearly?
    What’s your next step (each step of the way)?
    What adjustments can you make (to do better)?
    How do you celebrate (success)?
    What’s your new objective (after the current one)?

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