Want more money?

Money is neither an asset nor wealth, BUT most people would still like to have “more”.
Having more is not the same as making” more. Making money is usually restricted by law to a country’s central bank (and counterfeiters). Making MORE money usually makes ALL currency in circulation worth LESS. But inflation is not nearly as much of a problem as money not being backed by anything. For now, we will pretend it has worth.

There are four basic strategies for having “more” money:

The first is to get more people to give you more of theirs more often. The second is to not give others any more of yours than necessary. The third is to leverage the use other people’s money whenever possible – without going into debt. And the fourth is for the money to increase in value. This is most often done by converting it into something other than money that can then both appreciate and generate income in money.

So, basically, having more money is the result of increasing “income” and/or decreasing “expenses” – and holding on to what you’ve got (in a way that it maintains or gains rather than loses value).

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But before you can earn, have, keep, control, manage, spend, save, or “invest” ANY, let alone MORE, money, it would help to know what it is. What is Money? If not sure, please read my post (linked in green) – attempting to clarify what money really is (and is not).

Most people want (more) money for a reason. What is YOURS? How do you use the “money” you already “have”? What would you do with “more”?

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