What’s your mission (in life)?

Everyone has a “mission” – whether they know it or not.

A mission is a task (that you are “sent” to do). It is your “dharma” (and your “duty” to do it).

Everyone has a “life affirming mission” – to “spread light” in their own way.

Although there may be many things that you are “here to do”, your “real” mission is probably “bigger” than you are – and may not even be completed within your lifetime.

Since everything is ultimately and inherently inter-related, interdependent, and connected (in one way or another), a life mission usually encompasses both your business and personal life; but your mission is not your job (let alone your title), your busy-ness (or industry), or your role. Your mission has nothing to do with money, what you own (or control), or your “net worth”.

Your mission is based on SERVING others – and is rooted in ACTION. You are here to DO, not just to be or have. What is it that YOU are here to DO – mainly for (the benefit of) others? What SERVICE do you provide – whether or not you are “recognized” or “re-numerated” for it?

Real success is giving/providing/doing more for the world than the world does for you. This does NOT mean being taken advantage of or being a martyr. It means overflowing with abundance in a way that benefits others and fulfills your (true) purpose.

A mission does not have to be “huge” – although it may be (even if you don’t know it). Regardless of size or scope, YOUR mission is important. More important, only YOU can do it. YOU doing YOUR mission may be the (key) “piece of the puzzle” that might enable thousands of OTHERS to start/do/complete THEIRS and “fit” in an interconnected whole.

You are probably already living your mission on some level. It’s part of what makes you unique, special, and interesting. No matter what your mission, it matters! It will probably excite you and ignite your passion for or against something.

Your mission will force you to grow. Probably others, too! You don’t have to be perfect (or compare yourself with others). Just start with what you have and already know. DO what (only) YOU can. Help all you can — and allow others to help you. There is much to do, experience, enjoy and share in life – but your mission is the most “important” of all. It is the main “reason” you are here at all.

As best I can tell (right now), MY mission is to recognize, appreciate, and acknowledge everyone and everything as an essential “asset” and “resource” in order to eliminate “scarcity” and “waste” and create an awareness of “abundance” (and choice) in every area of life.

Sometimes, merely redefining what is (inherently or potentially) beautiful, valuable, or significant is enough to “bring out the best” and “make the most of” all that is really available – for the benefit of all. Sadly, much around us (whether “hidden” or “obvious”) is overlooked, disregarded, or misunderstood. This applies just as much to HUMAN resources as any others. Life need not be a zero-sum game, with “winners” and “losers”, “haves” and “have nots”, or a bleak future for all who follow.

It is possible to create a win-win world for EVERYONE – with every “product” created and used with it’s eventual end in mind as the source for something else and every individual expected/able to share their true/highest unique/special gifts, talents, and abilities for the benefit of everyone’s health, happiness, and prosperity.

“You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.” I may be idealistic, but I am also a fairly pragmatic realist. What I am suggesting is very “DO-able”, BUT will often require a radical change in how many things are currently done, perceived, and/or “valued”. It may not always be “easy”, but I believe it is WELL worth it. The intended end result is “abundance” (of what is desirable)- for all!

That’s MY “mission”. What’s yours? And how can you help me with mine? Perhaps, like many things, yours and mine may “enhance one another” and be “better together”….

© 2008 – 2010, Oren Pardes. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “What’s your mission (in life)?

  1. Hi Oren,
    a great take. I love the Lennon-quote and your approach. I think most of us are already in their mission – without knowing it. So it may be sufficient to become aware of it and thus reducing distraction, pain and unawareness. Keep up your great work.
    Take care

  2. Ironically (and thankfully), we need not be aware of our “true purpose” and “mission” to fulfill it.

    Honey bees set out to collect pollen for their hive – but in the process they (presumably unknowingly) cross-pollinate flowers they touch and thus promote life for many other species. In many ways, people are like “money bees” – setting out to chase their own dreams and meet their own needs or maybe even just mind their own busy-ness, yet in the process often end up fulfilling a potentially far greater purpose with the impact and influence they have on those they touch and serve (both directly and beyond their knowledge).

    Our “legacy” may be far more impressive than we realize. Like footprints and fingerprints, we leave behind soul prints everywhere we go. http://OrenPardes.com/Making-A-Difference

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